MARIA SHRIVER has just filed for divorce from ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Shriver pulling the trigger on their marriage was no shocker to anyone but get this there is NO PRENUP between them, according to the latest Hollywood gossip news.

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Maria is taking Arnold to the cleaners as expected..

Shriver is asking for spousal support and wants the judge to deny Arnold the right to ask for support for himself though it’s highly unlikely he would.

Shriver is asking for joint custody of their minor children, 17-year-old “Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger” and 13-year-old “Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger.”

Shriver is asking Arnold to pay the attorneys’ fees of both parties.

Oh here comes the juicy part, according to the documents, the property accumulated during the marriage will be divided at a later date. They have been married for 25 years! Most of us know that without a prenup is even-steven 50/50. And sources tell TMZ that there is no prenup.. so all of Arnold and Maria‘s earnings over the past quarter century will be divided 50/50.

Sources are saying that the ex-couple are on speaking terms and Arnold knew beforehand that Maria was filing for divorce.

photos via WENN

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