In a world filled with crazed stalkers who target stars just like her, MILA KUNIS is doing the unthinkable and going on a date with someone she’s met online. For serious!

The guy sent her a YouTube video asking her to dance with him at a ball (what, like “Beauty and the Beast”?), and with the urging of her “Friends With Benefits” co-star Justin Timberlake (is he crazy?!), Mila said yes!


Star news ferreted out more information about this mystery man, and it turns out he just so happens to be a sergeant with the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines stationed in Musa Qala, Afghanistan from where he sent the video from, and he’s asked Mila to be on his arm during the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina on November 18th this year.

So this boyishly handsome hunky marine (yes, we’ve seen the video) is coming home to be at the ball, and Mila is flying out to Greenville, North Carolina to join him.

Mila‘s been additionally spurred on by Justin Timberlake, as well:

“You need to do it for your country!”

What stronger persuasion is there than that? And so come November, we hope to see another video of Mila and Sergeant Scott Moore (he even has a movie star-ish monicker) dancing at the Marine Corps Ball.

She said yes! So stay safe until then, Sergeant Moore, and stay clear of the desert shrapnel and gunfire ’til then…

Image via WENN

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