NICK LACHEY let loose his “wild boy side” at his bachelor party in Las Vegas this weekend.

He has to. After he’s been shackled with the proverbial ball and chain that will be marriage to Vanessa Minillo, both of them will eventually fade into obscurity. Until they decide to go all out in a messy divorce afterwards, that is. (Of course we certainly hope not)


In typical Nick fashion, the party involved countless whiskey shots and flowing champagne. Hollywood rumors strained its ears for any whiff of strippers, but all there was to be had was a midget stand-in for his wife-to-be, and a ball and chain cake inscribed with “Property of Vanessa” presented to Nick at the TAO nightclub.

Is that the best Nick Lachey can get? And here we thought he and his boy pals would go all out in getting all plastered and laid before he gets shut off from the rest of the world after his July 16 wedding. You know I’m just playing around, right?

Image via WENN

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