‘Superbad’ star JONAH HILL is now super-skinny! We all know he’s been working hard to shed the pounds for his new film ’21 Jump Street’, and now he’s showing us the end result! Does he look better without the chubby chin?


Jonah showed up at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday with a slimmer figure… must have dropped a couple of jaws—and some people might not have even recognized him!

According to previous Hollywood news reports, Jonah decided to lose 30 pounds for his extremely physical role in ’21 Jump Street’—which also stars Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum—earlier this spring, with the help of a nutritionist and a trainer. His workout and diet regimen must have been really effective, because it seems he lost more than the 30 pounds that he wanted to lose!

The comedy actor must have taken a few pointers from his friend and ‘Knocked Up’ co-star, Jason Segel, who recently lost 30 pounds as well.

What do you think of Jonah’s new svelte physique?

images via WENN

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