ZAC EFRON has joined the ranks of stars, like MARK WAHLBERG and LILY ALLEN, who have one thing in common: A Third Nipple.

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That’s right, these stars allĀ have third nipples!

Wahlberg and Allen have outed their mammarian abnormalities years ago, to the titillation of Hollywood celebrity websites. But its the first time anyone’s made mention of the fact that Zac Efron shares this trait, too… (see photo gallery below)

Taking a look at Zac‘s naked torso (and he does enjoy displaying his abs a lot, doesn’t he?), a dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee who probably has too much time on her hands and squinted considerably hard and declared that the “High School Musical” hunk had an extra nipple.

The good doctor put out a press release where she mentioned that third nipples, also known as accessory nipples, pseudomamma, polythelia and polymastia, are “often not entirely developed as a fully functioning nipple.”

“Sometimes it can be mistaken for a mole.”

Despite, Dr. Lee’s assertion, Efron’s rep denied that Efron had an extra mammary.

Let’s ask Zac‘s ex, Vanessa Hudgens what she thinks about all this, shall we?

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