In recent celebrity news, ANNE HATHAWAY reveals that she once showed her butt to ‘One Day’ co-star JIM STURGESS while they were on set, and she inadvertently ended up mooning an entire building of onlookers. Yikes!


Anne, who stars in the romantic film ‘One Day’ alongside British actor Jim Sturgess, told the funny story when she hit the red carpet premiere of their movie in New York. She shared:

“I decided to moon Jim one take… He was running towards me, and the whole crew was behind me so I thought, if I turn around none of the crew will see it and only Jim… so I did it.”

Unfortunately, Anne didn’t realize (until it was too late) that she had another audience apart from Jim and the crew. She added:

“I was feeling really good about myself until I realized we were shooting on a street in Scotland and every single resident of the building that we were shooting in front of was filming us!”

When the reporter asked her why the videos and pictures of her bare butt weren’t floating around all over the Internet, Anne joked:

“Because the Scots are nice… They have manners and they’re discreet! I’m so grateful!”

She’s lucky. If she was in the States, that video would have been passed around in a heartbeat! But then again, Anne‘s no stranger to scandalous paparazzi shots of her circulating all over the World Wide Web!

image via WENN

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