BAR REFAELI is a dirty, dirty girl! Literally! But, before getting all grossed out (or turned on, if you’re a guy), you should know that that’s what people do when they visit the Dead Sea in Israel…

They turn themselves into dirty tar people.

bar refaeli at dead sea2

The gorgeous Israeli supermodel is covered head to toe in mud from rolling around in the muddy shores of the Dead Sea. And no, she’s not insane—Bar was just treating herself to a free spa treatment!

FYI, the black mud from the Dead Sea is supposed to have wondrous effects on the skin. In fact, it’s so good that people all over the world are actually willing to shell out over $40 dollars for a jar of the stuff!

Bar posted the above photo on her Twitter account today. She tweeted:

“*muddy* but feels good!! DEAD SEA- if you haven’t been… well, sucks for you!”

If rolling around in that mud will make you look like Bar, then why not?

image via Twitter / WENN

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