CHARLIE SHEEN shoots down reconciliation rumors by telling celebrity news that he and his ex-wife BROOKE MUELLER are just friends.

Friends who go on a romantic vacation in Mexico together? Uh-huh. Sure.


Lately, Charlie and Brooke have been acting like they’re back together—or at least trying to get there—but the Sheen insists that there will be no “love is sweeter the second time around” for them. He tells TMZ:

“[We’re] good friends trying to be great parents.”

As previously reported, Charlie took his ex-wife to Mexico as a reward for being a good mother and for doing well in rehab (which he also paid for). And they didn’t bring the kids—sounds like a second honeymoon, right?

However, no matter how sweet they seem to be nowadays, Charlie says that he and Brooke are not getting back together. He shares:

“[Brooke and I are] working on mending the bridges, replanting scorched earth. The goal is harmony.”

Oh come on, Charlie. We highly doubt that you’re just friends. Especially if you and Brooke are in Mexico… alone… with no kids or porn stars around…

image via WENN

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