CHARLIE SHEEN’s loyal fans are making headlines for vandalizing street signs with stickers that say, “Where’s Charlie?” The troubled actor apparently still has some faithful supporters out there, since the stickers started popping up immediately after the successful Sheen-free ‘Two And A Half Men’ episode.


Charlie, whose character, Charlie Harper, was killed off in the latest episode of ‘Two And A Half Men’, has apparently been getting a show of support from his fans over the last few days, and this time in an illegal and unorthodox way.

These “Where’s Charlie?” stickers have been appearing all over street signs in L.A. —most of them in the area where Charlie lives—and TMZ has learned that the Warlock is quite pleased and truly appreciates the gesture.

However, Charlie was quick to add that he does not condone the vandalism.

No word yet on the identity(ies?) of the “Where’s Charlie?” sticker fiend(s?).

images via TMZ/WENN

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