Celebrity news has learned that JOE JONAS wants to do a duet with his ex-girlfriend, TAYLOR SWIFT, whom he famously dumped over the phone. The question is—would she be up for it?


It seems unlikely, since Taylor seemed pretty miffed at Joe after he broke up with her during a “27-second phone call.”

However, now that three years have gone by, Joe believes that he and Taylor are finally friendly enough to do a collaboration. He says:

“I think there’s a great opportunity for that to happen… We’re friendly, we’re not enemies. People like to think that once you’ve dated, that’s it and you can never be friends again. They see it in a very black and white way. But there’s a middle-ground in that situation.”

Joe adds:

“I’d have to say that in order to save a friendship, you need to be yourself… Sadly it’s not always possible, but I was brought up to be a good guy and I hope that shows. These things take time too. You can’t be friends with someone immediately after a break up. It’s not an overnight situation. Everyone needs some time to heal and figure it all out.”

Do you think this collaboration could possibly rekindle the romance between these two?

images via WENN

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