Brace yourselves…JUSTIN BIEBER And SELENA GOMEZ are naked! Together!

But not in the way you think. They’ve been immortalized in bronze by the same controversial artist who created similar metallic statues of a naked Britney Spears giving birth doggy-style and Angelina Jolie nursing her twins…

bieber gomez bronze nude edwards front view

Hollywood gossip websites are getting an eyeful of artist Daniel Edwards’ take on the nubile nude bodies of the two-gether teenage stars, joined at the hip and sharing one leg, in a sculpture he’s dubbed “Justin & Selena Forever”, which features fig leaves covering their privates. But we don’t get it…what’s with the goose shagging the armadillo?

justin  selena forever bronze scultpture1

Edwards is known for his shocking renditions of nude celebrities, like the pink Octomom octopus with her eight kids and one feeding bottle, Suri Cruise‘s metal-cast poop, and Paris Hilton‘s innards.

Still, we don’t think he’s aware of the peril his newest piece of art has put him into. Doesn’t he know what the Beliebers can do to him? “Justin & Selena Forever”, indeed!

justin  selena forever bronze scultpture 2

Quick, hire him some of Justin Timberlake bodyguards, pronto!

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