In an incident that didn’t surprise anyone, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE‘s overzealous security team beat a member of the paparazzi to a pulp in what amounted to a mob scene outside Nobu restaurant in Mayfair, London. It seems the establishment’s entrance was swarming with photographers and all poor Mr. Timberlake wanted was a decent Japanese meal. Now, if you please.

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Isn’t this the same security team that kicked three women out of an elevator in a New York hotel because Mr. Timberlake didn’t want to share?

Why yes…yes, it was! Because Mr. Timberlake would never, repeat, never….breathe the same air exhaled by mere mortals. The horror! *shudder*

Meanwhile, Hollywood rumors are wondering if that pap — seen on the ground after being kamikaze’d by a pair of uncharacteristically uncoordinated footwear (white socks and brown oxfords with a navy suit? C’mon, can’t Mr. Timberlake dress you better than that?) worn by the Ray Charles-lookalike member of Mr. Timberlake‘s security team — is covered by work hazard insurance.

If he’s following the esteemed Mr. Timberlake around for a precious photo or two, he’s bound to need it.

Images via WENN

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