KATE GOSSELIN tried—and failed—to pick up a cute guy she was eyeing in a cupcake shop. Poor Kate! Guess you can’t really expect a guy to be interested when you have all eight of your children with you!


Kate was at Georgetown Cupcakes with her kids when she spotted a hunky guy among the crowd of onlookers outside the shop. The reality star asked her bodyguard to invite the guy inside so she could “ensnare” him with her charms.

When the guy walked in, Kate offered him a nicely decorated cupcake—and flirted quite a bit. Unfortunately, Mr. Cutie just wasn’t interested. Instead of flirting back and asking Kate for her digits, he simply asked if he could get a gluten-free cupcake instead!

So yeah, Kate didn’t get a date—and according to celebrity news, she hasn’t had one since her divorce, which is quite a long time to be single.

The sad thing is, the guy didn’t even know who she was—he just thought she was the owner of the cupcake shop!

images via WENN

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