According to the latest celebrity news, KIM KARDASHIAN is copying PRINCE WILLIAM and KATE MIDDLETON’s royal wedding cake! Do you think Kim is taking her obsession with having a wedding that could rival Will and Kate’s a little too far?


Kim wants her wedding to Kris Humphries to be every bit as extravagant as the royal wedding, which is why she wants to have the exact same cake! A source reveals:

Kim wants it to resemble Prince William and Duchess Kate‘s!”

Kim and Kris went for a cake tasting on July 29 at Hansen’s Cakes, and the one they chose was a monstrous 10-tiered cake with chocolate chip icing and classic black and white decorations. And get this—it costs about $15,000 to $20,000!

Prince William and Duchess Kate’s wedding cake was a traditional multi-layered cake designed by British baker Fiona Cairns. The 8-tiered cake was covered in cream, white icing, and 900 sugar paste flowers. Fiona tells Us Weekly:

Catherine wanted a traditional wedding cake with a modern twist.”

Hmmm… It looks like Kris and Kim’s cake may just kick the royal wedding cake’s butt.

Are you excited to see Kim and Kris royally inspired wedding cake?

images via WENN

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