Despite it having been touted to be the wedding of the decade, guests at KIM KARDASHIAN‘s wedding said the star-studded event was awkward, to say the least. Apparently, the Kardashian Klan‘s attempt to hit two birds with  one stone – in this case, a wedding and a huge payday – weren’t as seamless as they thought it appeared to be.

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One guest who attended the over-the-top nuptials held at the $20 million estate of Google CEO Eric Schmidt in Montecito, California had one thing to say:

“It was awkward. There were 100 crew members everywhere…and people kept complaining they almost got hit by five camera guys everywhere they went.”

Another downer during the event was the horrific noise, and it wasn’t just the DJ or the band. The hovering security helicopters drowned out nearly everything, and none of Kim‘s 450 guests were able to hear a word of the 30-minute ceremony. In fact, Kim and her groom Kris Humphries had to wear microphones for the benefit of E!’s production crew who were taping the whole event.

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As another added indignity, star news learned all guests had to surrender their cellphones at the gate. It seems Kim didn’t trust even relatives or close friends not to take random photos of her big day and sell them to the tabloids. Apparently, the more money the Kardashian Klan have amassed, the more paranoid they’ve been getting. Are we going to be seeing Secret Service bodyguards and armored cars soon?

Still, all’s well that ends well…for Kim Kardashian, anyway. She’s snagged The One while making oodles of money off her wedding to pay for the whole thing, and then some…


Images via WENN / video screen grabs

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