KRISTEN BELL and DAX SHEPARD are officially the cutest red carpet couple at the 2011 Do Something Awards. Seriously, they are so sweet together!


Kristen and Dax were absolutely adorable as they posed for pictures on the “red” carpet at the Hollywood Palladium yesterday—they even shared a kiss in front of the photographers!

Most celebrity gossip websites agree that these two are totally the “Cutest Red Carpet Couple” for this awards show. However, their outfits are a different story.

Far from cute.

Kristen’s black and silver one-shoulder Etro dress is just really unpleasant to look at—it’s like a modern tribal outfit of some sort! Not that there’s anything wrong with tribal outfits, of course.

And also, what’s up with the bag? Ick.

Dax, meanwhile, is just blah in a gray sweatshirt, brown pants, and a black porkpie hat. He looks like he’s going out to run some errands or something.

Okay, enough with the fashion review.

Do you think Kristen and Dax are adorable together?

images via Nikki Nelson / Adriana M. Barraza / WENN

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