Our LATEST HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP WEEKLY ROUNDUP for the week: Aug 20 – 26, 2011; where we recap the craziness in the celebrity world, entertainment news and gossip. Here are some of the major Hollywood news of the week:

kim kardashian wedding pic 12

KIM KARDASHIAN and KRIS HUMPHRIES are MARRIED! Oh have you seen People magazine’s KRIS-less KIM KARDASHIAN wedding cover yet? The way we’re looking at it, it seems Kim Kardashian”s wedding took place without a groom

But don’t count on KIM and Kris leaving anywhere for a honeymoon soon though.. It’s business as usual for Kim!


Does RIHANNA have a sex tape that’s about to be released to the public? Rihanna says NO sex tape.. We sure hope not!

MILEY CYRUS will be an aunt soon….big brother TRACE CYRUS has knocked up girlfriend BRENDA SONG

Hold on to your panties, Beliebers, because we present to you…(drumroll)…JUSTIN BIEBER‘s penis!


LADY GAGA wants to help you dress like her—so she’s launching her very own clothing line! Excited!

AND GAGA is now the world’s most powerful female celebrity beating Oprah Winfrey on Forbes’ annual list of he World’s 100 Most Powerful Women!

MILA KUNIS thinks looking at faces of some women who constantly mug for the camera makes her feel like being raped! Who do you think Mila is referring to ?


Luscious ROSE MCGOWAN didn’t lead a charmed life…she says she escaped from a polygamous and sexually abusive cult when she was a child

Hollywood rumor has it that WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT SMITH have split but the power couple denied the split allegation but they say where there’s smoke, there’s fire.. and the cause if you choose to believe it.. ready?  MARC ANTHONY and a DVD!

JIM CARREY professes his love for EMMA STONE in a self-taped video—and it’s really creepy!



MINKA KELLY and DEREK JETER have split up!

Did you know that SIMON COWELL lives on a bizarre liquid diet that includes a vitamin intravenous drip?


Move over Brangelina, supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN and her football quarterback husband TOM BRADY are Hollywood’s highest paid celebrity couple today

BENECIO DEL TORO and rocker Rod Stewart‘s daughter KIMBERLY STEWART recently had a baby girl together

JENNIFER GARNER is pregnant again! We knew it!

zoe saldana 14 wenn34792233

Did ZOE SALDANA forget half of her skirt at a red carpet event?

Check out KELLY OSBOURNE‘s red carpet look: hot or not?

BRISTOL PALIN got herself a tattoo! We wonder if her mom approves?

megan fox this is 40 swim

MEGAN FOX was photographed half naked with two men! And no, her husband wasn’t one of them!

It’s full steam ahead for JAMES FRANCO’s upcoming porn documentary—and no, this isn’t a joke

JESSIE J‘s nude body suit: Is it a hit or a miss?


RIHANNA’s latest raunchy concert outfit? Is it sexy or slutty?

Here are some of KANYE WEST‘s most bizarre and astounding quotes!

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photos: WENN

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