She’s back in peak form…if you’ve seen LADY GAGA‘s new music video for “You and I”, then you’ll know mermaids, torture in a barn, a piano in the middle of a cornfield, a bionic arm, S&M dancing and her alter ego Jo Calderone will be featured prominently. Do we get it? Not really. But it’s Lady Gaga, what’s there to get?

lady gaga you and i

Star news notes Lady Gaga‘s got her outrageous costume inspiration back after wearing people clothes several times in succession, to our great horror. While mermaids may not be a novel concept, bathing one in a barn certainly is a new take. And so is Gaga‘s bionic arm, as well as scenes of torture on her hapless form dressed in a sort of medieval baroque.

Surprisingly, she looked the most normal with long flowing 70′s style blond hair, playing her piano in the middle of a cornfield clearing with Jo Calderone sitting atop, chain smoking and scowling into the distance.

Oh, and lots of sex. Let’s not forget that…

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