NICKI MINAJ definitely wins the award (if there was one, which there actually isn’t) for “craziest outfit” at the 2011 MTV VMAs. Do you agree?


Nicki graced the VMAs in an insanely bright—and very wacky—ensemble, which was easily the most out-of-this-world outfit there—no contest! The “Super Bass” rapper wore a “dress” that was made of what looked like shards of purple mirror glass “sewn” together with some kind of pink thread, which she layered over a pink polka-dotted tutu. Her legs were fully covered in an assortment of colorful leggings and socks.

And that’s not all—Nicki accessorized with a colorful, printed surgical mask (what’s up with that?), a soft-serve ice cream cone necklace, “kiddie” bangles, and—and this is the most bizarre part—a creepy, colorful stuffed toy which was attached to a ring on her right hand.

Nicki topped it all off with a bizarre updo hairstyle, which was probably the most normal part of her entire look.

It seems that Nicki is trying to outdo Lady Gaga’s previous awards show fashions, which got celebrity gossip websites talking about her for months and months.

Do you think she succeeded?

images via WENN

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