Maybe you get it, because we don’t…OCTOMOM NADYA SULEMAN is constantly facing foreclosure but has all 14 of her kids in private school.  Shouldn’t she have sent them to boarding school instead so they’ll have someplace warm to sleep in the event she does become homeless?


A source close to Nadya says:

“She was bragging about having all of her kids in private school, even though the eight youngest are only two-and-a-half years old!”

Hollywood gossip websites have learned that each of her children, yes, even the two-year-olds, attend a private Los Angeles County school where the minimum tuition per child comes to $6,000 per child per year for the youngest eight tots. That brings it to nearly $50,000 a year for eight children alone!

And while she’s getting a 25% discount for her six older children, she still saddled with $25,000 a year for their education. Grand total? $75,000 a year!

Nadya thinks that by shoving her kids in school, it will free her up and give her time to make money doing something,”

the source continues.

“She’s working on becoming a personal trainer, but for now she does the boxing stuff to make money.”

What’s wrong with public school? Then she wouldn’t have to get all those bruises just to cough up the dough.

No, we don’t get it at all.

Image via WENN

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