Give these royals a round of applause…PRINCE WILLIAM and his Duchess of Cambridge KATE MIDDLETON prefer to live on a shoestring budget so much they’ve chosen to take a cheap airline rather than a private jet on their journey home from Edinburgh after attending the wedding of royal granddaughter, Zara Philips to Mike Tindall.


Despite the class and privilege these future monarchs are entitled to, they chose to sit with other passengers on a flight aboard Flybe airlines which doesn’t have a first-class section.

Makes them out to be more one of us and infinitely more likeable than other people celebrity news knows would live in excess in the face of the recession, or who’d order their bodyguards to mow bothersome humans off their path, don’t they?

Wills and Kate are worth watching, and we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on news from these worthwhile two.

Image via WENN

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