RIHANNA performed a very raunchy dance while straddling an old man on stage during one of her concerts in Barbados! Can you say nasty?

rihanna barbados oldman

Rihanna has made it crystal clear that she would do pretty much anything on stage—and with anyone. The singer shocked celebrity news by pulling a much, much older man on stage during one of her performances and giving him a sexy lap dance that he’ll never EVER forget.

The older man, who looked like he was about 60 years old, was made to lie down on his back as the scantily clad Rihanna jumped on top and straddled him. As the “Man Down” singer writhed and shimmied all over him, the poor (or lucky?) senior looked like he was about to suffer from a heart attack… or something.

And this was in her home country of Barbados, which means that Rihanna probably had a bunch of family members—aunts and uncles and grandparents—who were in the audience, watching her act like a sleazy stripper.

Are Rihanna’s raunchy antics getting waaay too inappropriate?

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