According to recent celebrity news, SELENA GOMEZ has admitted that she is “obsessed” with EMMA STONE! And why shouldn’t she be? Emma is amazing, and everyone (or at least anyone whose got good taste) loves her.


In her interview with a Philadelphia radio station, Selena spilled the beans on her obsession with Hollywood’s latest “it” girl. She shared:

“I’m obsessed with Emma Stone.”

And no, Selena‘s not into girls now (although we’re sure you anti-Selena Beliebers out there would love that, since that would mean she’d soon break up with Justin). She added:

“She’s totally my girl crush. I love her!”

Who wouldn’t have a girl crush (or even a regular crush) on Emma Stone?! Not only is she pretty, but she’s also charming and very, very funny.

What more can you ask for?

images via WENN

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