Grab hold of some old issues of iconic Seventeen Magazine and you’ll find a treasure trove of many stars” early modelling years. Celebrity news couldn’t keep from browsing through them and marveling…so this is what they used to look like…

Here’s 17-year-old Cameron Diaz who got her start in teen modelling, and she describes her style in the July 1990 issue as:

cameron diaz seventeen

“I’m definitely into black army boots, which aggravates my father … he’d rather I wear heels. (Of course, that’s easy for him to say. He doesn’t have to walk in them!)”

The younger Cam shared her future plans, as well:

“I’ll probably model until I’m old and gray. Actually, my ultimate dream is to be a zoologist. Maybe go on safari in Africa and study lions.”

Katie Holmes‘ face had less planes and angles at the height of her Dawson’s Creek fame in 1999, but she looks the same as ever and admitted to being the ultimate girly-girly:

katie holmes seventeen

“I have about 20 dolls, the huge house, hot dog stand, game room, workout center, pool, Corvette, and water-slide park,”

Katie boasted in the mag’s inside covers.

Here’s Brooke Shields at age 13, already a veteran model (she started at age 11 months!) and actress (the controversial “My Pretty Baby”). Smoother face and the absence of crows feet, but otherwise as gorgeous as her older self 33 years into future.

brooke shields seventeen

Is it just us, or does a 19-year-old Reese Witherspoon look a lot taller and less jaw-y?

reese witherspoon seventeen

The younger Reese says she enjoys

“wearing colored plastic Slinkies as bracelets one color over the other for a cool rainbow effect” and using “metallic, multicolored pipe cleaners to dress [your] tresses.”

In 1990, before her shoplifting conviction, at the height of her “Heathers” fame and engaged to Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder channeled a Willy Wonka vibe in this 1990 cover.

winona ryder seventeen

Here’s the “it” girl of 1995, Alicia Silverstone, whose credits at that time included a role as a creepy teenaged killer in unrequited love with Carey Elwis in “The Crush”, and as the “Aerosmith Girl” after she gained massive popularity with the MTV crowd  starring in the band’s music videos for “Cryin”, “Amazing” and “Crazy”.

alicia silverstone seventeen

Apart from the eyebrows, Jennifer Connelly looked way different in 1980. Note the baby fat and the protruding teeth, and (horrors!) the excessive bling. Who’d have thought she’d end up a strikingly beautiful actress who’d win an Oscar for “Beautiful Mind?”

jennifer connely seventeen

And finally, child model Milla Jovovich appeared on the 1988 issue looking pretty much the same way she looks now: sultry and exotic. By this time in the past, she’d already been a three-year veteran model without a single inkling she’d be the iconic action star of the “Resident Evil” franchise.

milla jovovich seventeen

Images via Seventeen Magazine

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