CHARLIE SHEEN just couldn’t resist tuning in to the season premiere of “Two and a Half Men” last night… and guess what?

He loved it!


Despite his earlier claim that the show would be doomed without him, Charlie actually enjoyed last night’s Charlie Harper-free episode. As for watching “his” funeral, Charlie admits:

“[It was] eerie but fun.”

According to TMZ, Charlie also praised Ashton Kutcher’s big “Two and a Half Men” debut. He shares:

“I thought it was the best intro for a new a character on a TV show of all time.”

How nice of him!

But wait a minute… this is Charlie Sheen we’re talking about here. Where did all the bitterness and hate go? We’re not really sure—maybe the departure of his “goddesses” and the return of his ex-wife Brooke Mueller into his life blew a new personality into him… or maybe winning that $25 million settlement from Warner Bros. softened him up some.

We’re stumped. Why the change of heart, Charlie?

image via WENN

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