CHRIS BROWN did another sweaty, shirtless lap dance on a fan in Toronto, Canada where he kicked off his F.A.M.E. tour recently. Well, he sure knows he’s on to a good thing because Britney, Taylor Momsen, and even his battered ex Rihanna, are likely to copy him now…

chris brown fan lapdance toronto

So what better way to move on from all that insanely-volatile-maniac-domestic-abuse-and-battery bad press than to start a new trend humping your fans onstage. This time, complete with day bed.

Current entertainment news thinks the lap dance routine may become a permanent part of Chris Brown‘s repertoire, given its screaming success with the fans. Remember when he did another female fan on a chair onstage during the SpringFest in Miami a few months ago?

That was very brave of the girl, seeing as how no one was sure he wouldn’t let lose with his fists and teeth at any moment.

Still, giving lap dances seems to be gaining Chris some momentum in terms of popularity. Who knows, a few more of his pelvis grinding shirtless performances may help him forget the anguish of seeing his once-mentor, the great Jay-Z, giving him a stony glance and refusing to clap during his hypeder MTV VMA 2011 performance.

Image via video grab

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