For CHRIS BROWN, lap dances are a thing of the past..he has to perform oral sex on fans’ knees, too. Chris seems to have zeroed in on the formula to get his audience sizzling hot. And since other performers have been copying his signature onstage moves (smirking right at you Rihanna, Britney and Taylor Momsen), he has to do them one better to stay on top of his game…

chris brown sucks knee detroit 2

The R&B singer got up close and personal with one fan’s lucky knee during a concert in Detroit, and not only did he hump the stage and doff his shirt (another signature move), he gave the thrilled fan a kiss and starting sucking on her upraised knee.

And what do you know, Hollywood celebrity news reported a rise in body temperature caused by the increase in frenzied screaming, sweating and gazillions of pheromones thrown Chris Brown‘s way.

Looks like that blue velvet divan’s going to be part of Chris Brown‘s concerts for a long time to come. Given the level of performance art he’s been bringing on…who’s to say an X-rated version won’t make it’s way to his concerts soon…

Image via video grabs

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