COCO had a wardrobe malfunction at Fashion Week when the dress she was strutting around in on the catwalk suddenly slid from her shoulders…giving the audience a glimpse of…well, what she normally flaunts around on a daily basis…

coco wardrobe malfunction ny fashion week

Ice-T‘s reality show star of a wife was draped in a creation by Richie Rich and flanked by two near-naked male models when her…er…whatever that is she’s wearing  fluttered down, apparently unable to withstand the force exerted by her industrial strength bosom.

“I walked the runway for Richie Rich Fashion yesterday & didn’t have a proper fitting & the silky dress I wore slipped down under my boob….”

Coco immediately sent out from her Twitter account.

“ right boob popped out like it was trying to say hello 2 everybody but I quickly stuffed it back in then acted like nothing happened….”

We’re not exactly sure Coco didn’t mean for this to happen in the first place. After all, doesn’t she bare herself on a regular basis on her website Coco‘s World, with photos scheduled for events such as “Titty Tuesday” or “Thong Thursday”?

“I swear I didn’t mean for my boob slip to happen.It was just as shocking 2 me 2.But hey,sometimes u have to just say,”It is Tiitty Tuesday”!”

Uh, yeah. Definitely. We thought so, too.

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