English queen of self-promotion KATIE PRICE, a.k.a. JORDAN, has dissed fellow Brit CHERYL COLE for her fashion choices during her minutely brief stint as a judge in the U.S. “X-Factor.” Katie would know of course, because unlike Cheryl she dresses in the height of…uh…fashion, and has her own magazine to prove it…

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Katie took herself and her juggaloos to celebrity gossip websites and quite scathingly ridiculed Cheryl‘s use of color blocking:

“The whole thing is absolutely hideous. I don’t know who’s responsible for the outfit and the horrific hair but I hope Cheryl sacked them. It looks like she’s put on weight.”

She didn’t stop there, however. She turned her vitriol over to Cheryl‘s “Girls Aloud” bandmate Nicola Roberts, of whom she said:

“She always gets it wrong. She is trying to be unique but she doesn’t have the confidence to carry it off.”

No, we bet both Cheryl and Nicola, who both happen to be the natural brunettes Katie used to be, and who also happen to sport all-natural mammaries that Katie has no patience for, are quite happy with their fashion choices, thank you.

Wonder if they both turned down a subscription to Katie‘s magazine prompting Katie to target them with all that hate.

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