Yes, you heard it right…a key player in disgraced golfer TIGER WOODS‘ mistress scandal has been murdered. Remember when he crashed his Escalade into an oak tree the night Elin Nordegren went after him with a 4- iron? That tree was a mute witness to Elin‘s rage as she vented her woman-scorned ire on her cheating husband. Well, that tree has been taken out of the picture forever…

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Star news learned some new neighbors moved in where the Woods used to live when they were a couple, and the first casualty of their landscaping efforts just happened to be that poor tree. It wasn’t in such great shape after Tiger crashed his car into it that fateful night, but some people just don’t have a sense of history…they cut down the one and only witness to the usually unflappable Elin‘s destructive fury.

So now only Tiger and Elin know the magnitude of what happened that night. The tree is gone, and for that, the ex-couple is probably grateful there’s one less living creature who knows of Tiger‘s shame.

Image via WENN / TMZ

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