Celebrity news is currently buzzing about the fact that MILEY CYRUS did a sexy dance for her boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH while they were at a Chicago nightclub.

No surprise there, but here’s one: Miley’s mom, Tish, was right there with them!


According to reports, Miley and Liam were definitely enjoying themselves at the Paris Club in Chicago on Wednesday night. An onlooker reveals:

Liam was sitting down while Miley was dancing playfully and seductively… Nothing too over the top, though, as she was under the watchful eye of her mom.”

Apparently, Tish had no problem with the fact that Miley was gyrating in front of her boyfriend—and why would she? She already lets her daughter gyrate in a super-skimpy outfit in front of millions of people… so this was really nothing new to her.

Do you think Miley dancing for Liam in a public place is inappropriate?

images via WENN

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