According to recent Hollywood news, SCARLETT JOHANSSON is the latest female celebrity to get her nude photos leaked on the Internet by a hacker. But Scarlett isn’t taking it lying down… she’s pulling out the big guns to find out who the culprit is—she’s got the FBI on the case!

scarlett johansson vogue

Yes… Scarlett has now joined the ranks of those not-so-smart female celebrities who photographed their naked bodies (probably for some special guy) only to later find them splashed all over the Internet.

Two photos of Scarlett—or a woman who looks a whole lot like her—appeared on a popular gossip website this morning. In one of them she was lying down on a bed with her breasts exposed, while the other one showed her completely naked from the back.

Sources connected to the actress tell TMZ that ScarJo’s people will be contacting the FBI this morning.

Other celebrities who have been targeted by celebrity nude photo hackers include Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, and most recently, Blake Lively.

image via VOGUE magazine

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