SNOOKI‘s launching her new fragrance soon and she doesn’t mince words when she says it smells like her, all ready to have sex. We’re trying our hardest to imagine how that’d affect our olfactory glands, but all we can think of is a bouncy Oompa Loompa reeking of gin and…uh…sweat…


Snooki went on “The Tonight Show” to pre-promote her perfume, and celebrity news can’t think of who’d want to wear something that she describes smells like an ewok in heat

“No word on what the final notes will be, but the ultra-bronzed star ensures that the perfume will be “flirty and bubbly, you know, like my personality, and obviously something DTF.”


“[It means] “down to f*ck,”

Snooki explained.

So she’s basically telling the whole world it’ll smell like sweaty, musky Snooki crotch, if that’s the kind of scent that’ll turn you on.

So, anyone out there want to smell like horny Nicole Polizzi?

Image via WENN

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