He may be proudly anti-establishment, but rapper SOULJA BOY has been slammed by a member of the armed forces for going too far with his expletive-filled lyrics aimed at the U.S. Military.


Star news took at look at his new song, “Let’s Be Real,” and found it’s peppered with lyrics like:

F**k the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what? Be your own man
… I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like I’m Peter Pan.

Is Soulja Boy endorsing Rambo-style renegade-ism? Vigilante-ism? Or simply smoking weed-ism?

Apparently, one retired marine by the name of Fred Flores has taken great exception to Soulja Boy‘s sentiments. Flores, who currently serves as a commissioner for the L.A. County Veteran’s Advisory Commission is outraged by the rapper’s latest release.

“It’s a very offensive statement … especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up.”

Flores said, calling Soulja Boy an “ungrateful” S.O.B.

“[The rap] is very irresponsible…”especially for a person who is an entertainer for the youth of our country. He should apologize to ALL armed forces.”

Considering Soulja Boy may have been high on some sort of green organic substance when he came up with those lyrics, we greatly doubt he’ll be coughing up an apology soon. After all, he’s fighting to be his own kind of…uh…Peter Pan…or whatever nonsense it is the song’s spouting about…

Image via WENN

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