Former Posh Spice VICTORIA BECKHAM took her whole family, including seven-week-old Harper Seven and her post-baby body to take in a movie at The Grove in L.A. a few hours ago. We really don’t know the kind of parenting guidelines Victoria lives by, but should she have taken a barely two-month-old infant to a dark movie theater where mutations of germs, viruses, body fluids, and the stench of humanity could wreck havoc on a delicate immune system?


Victoria was accompanied by sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, as well as a nanny and a bodyguard. And while she wasn’t up to her usual haute coutoure, she did wear a form-fitting dark grey pleatedĀ  mini dress and a black cardigan over her slight frame.

It’s either Victoria wanted to show off the results of her post-pregnancy diet to the public so badly, or she’s under the impression a seven-week-old infant totally appreciates a full-length movie. What film it was, celebrity news didn’t say.

And where was David Beckham all this time? Wonder if he approved this outing with his one and only daughter.

Images via WENN

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