“American Idol” winner KELLY CLARKSON will tell you something about love – the fact that she’s never been there…because she’s never been in love


The pop rock singer may have two Grammy awards, four multi-platinum albums, and a humongous fan base, but there something she doesn’t have that a lot of other women take for granted…a boyfriend.

“I’ve never experienced certain things, and I think that’s because I have this side of me that is shut off,”

the “Mr. Know It All” singer reveals.

“Because I haven’t found anybody yet to open to that I feel like, ‘OK, you’re worth breaking down that wall for.’ I’ve never found that.”

Kelly‘s one year shy of 30, but she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry at all. She may still be searching for someone she’ll do everything for, but she says she won’t be ready to tie the knot for at least a decade yet.

“Statistically, if you wait that long, you’re not going to get divorced,”

she says hopefully. Besides…

“It’s really hard to date when I’m on four different continents in a week. Even if I do meet a great guy, I ain’t ever gonna see him. There’s only so much you can do with Skype!”

Busy Kelly laments.

So if there’s any guy out there who loves pluz-size women with lungs of steel, who’s willing to travel to different countries within the span of a week, and who’s willing to wait at least 10 years to say wedding vows…give Kelly a shout-out.

Oh, and you definitely must be someone she’d be willing to “break her wall down” for. Whatever that takes.

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