ANGELINA JOLIE‘s directorial debut, “In The Land of Blood and Honey” isn’t for everybody…it’s at the same time brutal and tender, heavy and poignant, and not at all something you’d forget so soon after leaving the theater…

How like the unforgettable woman that’s Angelina to make a film that’s likely to be unforgettable, as well.

It has a lot of violence in it, and a lot of rape. After all, it’s set during the war between Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1995 where an estimated 300,000 people were killed, massacred, and raped…

And yes, it’s a love story…a very complicated one between a Bosnian woman and a Serb soldier, sworn enemies during the conflict stemming from thousands of years of hatred. And yes, he does rape her.

And then she falls in love with her own rapist.

Just in case you’re thinking, Angie is in no way present in the movie. She used local actors, not big name stars. So we’re thinking she’s going out on a limb to tell her story here, and nothing but the fact she has her name behind the movie and the compelling tale of war and country, rape and love that’s got going for “In The Land of Blood and Honey”.

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