Would you believe Oscar winner KATE WINSLET‘s dating a guy named NED ROCKNROLL? For serious! He kind of looks like a younger Robin Gibb (of the BeeGees), only with less hair.

Who is this guy?


Star news earlier reported that Kate‘s been seeing British tycoon, Richard Branson’s nephew. The same Virgin Records CEO Branson whose eight-bedroom Caribbean retreat house where Kate and her family were vacationing in August was destroyed by a fire in which Kate played the hero by carrying Branson’s aged mother away before the fire gutted the building…

Kate met Branson’s nephew, the curiously named Ned Rocknroll (he’d legally changed his name from a perfectly normal Ned Abel Smith a few years back),  during that fire. Perhaps the scary and stressful accident brought them closer together, and so voila! They’re dating.

Rocknroll (we can’t help but giggle when we say his name), 33, sort of manages his tycoon uncle’s “spaceport” in Las Cruces, New Mexico where a new runway was launched just last week. He’d just been freshly separated from his heiress wife, Eliza Pearson, who’s descended from British royalty, when he met Kate at Branson’s exclusive vacation isle two months ago.

Is Rocknroll on the rebound? We sincerely hope not. And we also hope he’ll still be with Kate when his divorce from Eliza Pearson (whom he married in a pagan ceremony officiated by a druid) comes through.

So, um…Kate Winslet-Rocknroll?

Image via WENN

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