Celebrity news has learned that CRYSTAL HARRIS finally sold the engagement ring she got from HUGH HEFNER… at half its original price.

Just half? Huh. That’s pretty surprising. After all, it’s not like it was used and abused, which would of course depreciate the value quite a bit.


Crystal’s 3.39 carat diamond engagement ring was bought by an unidentified buyer on Tuesday at a flat price of $38,000, adding up to $47,500 with taxes and fees—just a few thousand dollars over its original price of $90,000.

It’s actually a pretty good deal, since the ring was only expected to pull in around $20-30k.

Crystal had been looking to sell her rock ever since former fiancé Hef told her she could keep it. She was even caught trying to pawn it at a San Diego jewelry shop just a few days after she and her much, much older boyfriend broke up.

Crystal and Hef were supposed to tie the knot in June, but the 25-year-old blonde bombshell broke off the engagement five days prior to the date.

Was it right for Crystal to sell the ring? What do you think?

image via WENN

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