ELLEN DEGENERES outdid herself on her annual Halloween tradition by scaring the living hell out of pal BETHENNY FRANKEL on her show. Who’d have thought Bethenny could actually look like that? Her expression’s worthy of the creation of a whole new Halloween mask all by itself…

bethenny frankel scared ellen

Ellen‘s Halloween tradition of scaring guests on her show has become the stuff of legend, probably a close second to Heidi Klum‘s own tradition of annual Halloween parties. This year, Ellen chose to prank reality star Bethenny Frankel, and she staged it in a photo booth where Bethenny‘s scared (and scary) expression can be seen above.

Celebrity news thinks it’s hilarious, if not a little creepy, how Bethenny, dressed for Halloween as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, looks more like an incensed Ursula here. Uh…Ursula? The sea witch who stole Ariel’s voice? Yeah, that one. Doesn’t it kind of make you wonder if Bethenny chose this costume to remind everyone of how she circulated the fake story of being lost at sea with her husband earlier this month?

In any case, Bethenny fairly leaps out of her skin in Ellen‘s faux photo booth on the show when something from behind her scares her silly she screams right into the camera…

Image via video grab

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