JESSICA SIMPSON finally threw in the towel and admitted her pregnancy via her Twitter feed and website a couple of hours ago. It seems Hollywood gossip websites didn’t bite at her asking price of $500,000 to carry the official announcement of the bun fiance, Eric Johnson‘s put in her oven to bake, oh, like six months ago…

jessica simpson pregnant mummy 3

Fancy Jess taking the announcement to town just when all speculation had died down and it was so glaringly obvious some kind of lifeform was growing in her midsection. On the other hand, maybe the other half of the population may have been thinking whatever’s in Jessica‘s tummy may be some sort of advanced fibroid, or an allergic reaction of humongous proportions.


Jessica posted on her Twitter feed, leading her fans and followers to her website where she’d put up photos of her dressed in her Halloween costume.

“It’s True! I am going to be a mummy!”

The title of her website post proclaims.

Not a very original costume…but apropos to her announcement, we think. Wonder why she chose to wear 80′s Olivia Newton-John hair, though?

And we’re also guessing she and Papa Joe Simpson are resigned to saying goodbye to that $500,000 they were expecting to get from the tabloids…well, trick or treat!

Images via Jessica Simpson

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