Singer JOHN MAYER is all set to go through surgery this week to remove the granuloma doctors found above one of his vocal cords a month ago. Celebrity news heard throat surgery is very delicate business and there’s always a risk of John losing his voice completely if something goes wrong…


John was reported to have visited a medical center several times in the last couple of months after some sort of throat illness caused him to scrap a show and delay the release of a new album. Resting his voice didn’t help his condition any, and he finally sought a specialized medical diagnosis which pointed toward a throat tumor.

No, it’s not the big C, but it’s a tumor nonetheless that’s bound to interfere with his profession in a major way…because what’s a singer without a voice?

The granuloma, an inflamed nodule that’s taken on the appearance of a tumor-like mass of tissue, was caused when immune cells formed naturally in the body when the immune system sought to ward off foreign substances or infectious organisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

John must have been exposing himself, and his throat, in particular, to a lot of “foreign substances and infectious organism” in the last couple of years and his body has been fighting back by forming the granuloma. Nothing malignant, really. But something that’s sure to grow and affect his voice and livelihood if left untreated.

Let’s hope John Mayer recovers from his medical ordeal stat and regard his granuloma incident as a second chance to take a better stance on his health in the future…

Image via WENN

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