Can you imagine JULIA ROBERTS dressed as a peacock? Get ready to behold her full splendour in her role as the Evil Queen in “Snow White”. No, not the Snow White film that stars Kristen Stewart, but the rival film featuring Lily Collins of “Abduction” fame. So does Julia have that sufficient spark of malevolence in her eye to play Snow White’s wicked witchy stepmother?

julia roberts evil queen snow white

In full blown period costume complete with peacock feathers, the Academy Award winner may look a trifle ridiculous, but strangely enough, quite the unholy b*tch in red. Entertainment news can’t recall the last time Julia played a villain…no wait, she never has…so there’s this anticipation hanging in the air whether she’ll make a creditable Evil Queen to do justice to the Brothers Grimm.

The stills from the movie, taken by Jan Thijs for Relativity, shows a Snow White set in the 16th or 17th century, as opposed to Kristen Stewart‘s “Snow White and the Huntsman” which appears to have been shot in a Middle Ages setting.  And the elaborate costume, complete with enormous panniers, gives rise to the question…can she even walk in that thing?

julia roberts evil queen snow white 2

This is probably the first time we’ll be seeing Julia Roberts giving the performance of her life without moving her lower body at all. And if she’s wearing a bone corset with that one just to stay in character, we should expect a motionless torso, as well.

In any case, we still think she trumps Tilda Swinton‘s Jadis, the White Witch in “The Chronicles of Narnia”. That should count for something, at least…

Images via Jan Thijs / Relativity

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