Celebrity news has learned that JUSTIN BIEBER has been threatened with death if he sets foot in Peru. The Canadian pop star will be doing a concert there this October, but some Peruvians are so dead set against him coming to their country, they’ve threatened to kill him!


Peru is one of the stops on Justin’s South American tour, but he may have to cancel due to a couple of overzealous haters who are threatening to kill him if he goes through with it.

Some anti-Biebers created a page on Facebook called “Matar a Justin Bieber el 17 de octubre en el Estadio Nacional”—which means “Kill Justin Bieber on October 17 at the National Stadium”—and it is steadily gaining “likes.”  It’s basically a warning to the Biebs that he will be killed if he sets foot in Peru. According to the page’s description, there will be people lined up waiting to throw water bottles (they probably got the idea from that time Justin got hit in the head with a water bottle while on stage last year) and eggs (which were thrown at the Biebs while he was performing in Australia).

But of course, Justin’s loyal fans won’t take that lying down. The creator of the page, whose name is Kevin Aragon Otazu, is now receiving death threats from Justin’s fans as well.

Tsk tsk.

While we’re pretty sure Justin’s security team will be able to handle a couple of crazy teenagers, this matter still shouldn’t be taken too lightly and we hope they take extra precautions when they get to Peru.

Stay safe, Justin.

image via WENN

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