KIM KARDASHIAN is discovering her married life has gone to the dogs because apparently, husband KRIS HUMPRHIES barks just like one. And she hates it. Ourselves, we’re thinking Kris has the look of a sleek Great Dane with a curly top, but Kim‘s not kidding when she says he actually barks the part. So who’s doing the biting, then?


Hollywood news reckons it’s been just a little over two months since Kim and Kris tied the knot, and they’ve been seen bickering on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno“, albeit with smiles on their faces for the camera’s benefit.

“He, like, literally barks like a dog. It’s like him and his boys. Like one’s in the other room and they, like, all wanna leave, (so) they’ll be like, ‘Ar! Ar! Ar!’”

Kim complained, to which Kris replied:

“Not like that! It’s one bark!”

Kim, of course, wanted the last word in their on-air argument:

“You know what we call you — we nicknamed you the other day when you weren’t there — we call you the dog,”

she shot back.

“We’re like, ‘Where’s the dog!’”

Okay, he’ll be the good-natured woofer, and Kim will be the catty feline. How’s about that?

Then they can fight their way through the marriage like cat and dog and propel the ratings of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” through the roof. Fitting, yes? They’ll make Kris Jenner so proud.

Image via WENN

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