MICHAEL LOHAN was arrested last night for attacking ex-girlfriend KATE MAJOR over sex. According to current news, Michael got mad and threatened to kill her because she refused to give him what he wanted in the sack.


According to the police report, Michael came over to Kate’s house and, after a heated argument over sex, got violent and began shoving her around and squeezing her arms. He even started threatening her. TMZ reports:

“[Michael told Kate that he was going to] slit both his wrist and her wrist. He also threatened to throw her off the balcony (4th floor).”

Kate also claimed that he threw the TV’s remote at her and smashed her phone. The main reason for the violence, according to the police report, was sex. The report said:

“[Kate Major] did not want Michael to ejaculate inside her. Michael Lohan stated he did ejaculate in her and his girlfriend got very angry.”

When the cops arrived, Michael began complaining of chest pains so they had to take him to the hospital. Afterwards, they arrested him for domestic violence.

Michael told the police that he and his ex were supposed to go to court to drop the restraining order she previously filed against him (due to prior abusive attacks)… but it looks like that’s not gonna happen anymore.

Jeez, Michael. And you wonder why your daughter Lindsay is having such a hard time straightening her life out.

image via WENN

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