During a recent interview with celebrity news, MICHAEL LOHAN called his daughter LINDSAY a drug addict and revealed that he wants her to get hauled off into rehab… for a year.


Michael spoke exclusively with RadarOnline.com and said:

“She’s an addict, she doesn’t care and she’s in denial.”

In a separate interview during a recent TV appearance, Michael talked about Lindsay‘s decaying teeth and said:

“She’s smoking either crack or meth, either one or the other. I’m not going to shade it.”

Michael added:

“I want her in a treatment program for a year. Nothing is going to change in her life.  She’s going to be appearing before judges in the future if she doesn’t get help, instead of doing community service in the morgue she’s going to wind up in the morgue!”

In addition to treatment, Michael thinks Lindsay should get rid of all the people around her who are content to just sit by and watch as she destroys her life with drugs and alcohol. He explained:

Lindsay needs to get rid of the enablers and have a sober coach around her who holds her responsible for her actions.”

Michael is completely convinced that Lindsay, whose probation was revoked by the judge due to her failure to comply with the judge’s orders, needs to go to rehab if she wants to get her life together. He said:

“My number one priority is making sure Lindsay goes into treatment so she can get off the medication she’s on.”

Do you think Michael’s right? Should Lindsay go to rehab?

images via WENN

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