MISCHA BARTON has celebrity gossip websites talking about her again… but only because of her new photo shoot, where she is seen stuffing her mouth with raw meat. We repeat—raw meat.

Seriously, it’s pretty disgusting.

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Mischa definitely bit off more than she could chew (literally) when she agreed to do a photo shoot with Tyler Shields, the same photographer who recently came under fire for the controversial photos he did with “Glee” star Heather Morris, which people claimed depicted the glamorization of domestic abuse against women.

In this new photo shoot, Mischa is seen posing with a hunk of very raw meat—both in her mouth and on her face. When asked where he got the inspiration for these “meaty” photos, Tyler explained that he thought of it while he and the former “O.C.” star were having lunch together at a burger joint. He said:

“I’m watching her eat this hamburger, and all I could think about was just meat all over her face.”

Apparently, Mischa had no idea about Tyler’s plans when he asked her to do a shoot. He simply sprung it on her when she arrived, and she agreed! He recounts:

“I was like, ‘By the way, I bought $65 of meat and I want you to eat it raw and put it on your face. And she was like, ‘OK!’”

However, despite the fact that she agreed to do it, Mischa was at first a bit uneasy about the idea of biting raw meat… but, after a while, she got into it. Tyler shares:

“Like two minutes later, she’s literally tearing this s–t apart. Just f—king tearing into it.”

Mischa’s raw meat photos are currently on display at London’s Imitate Modern gallery.

What do you think of Mischa’s photo shoot? Is it disgusting, or is it just the price people pay for the sake of art?

images via Tyler Shields

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