Who says PARIS HILTON isn’t still relevant? She is…she just walked a fashion runway in the Ukraine for designer Andre Tan. And while Paris was being glamorous in Eastern Europe, her former hanger-on Kim Kardashian‘s sweating it out on the hot sands of Dubai, riding flea-bitten camels, covering her carefully made-up self with a burka, and ruining her SlimFast diet with the Millions of Milkshakes she’s promoting…

paris hilton runway ukraine

Granted, celebrity news thinks Paris is becoming near irrelevant stateside, especially after her Oxygen reality show, “The World According to Paris“, was dropped due to poor ratings. And not to forget that disastrous ABC News interview where she walked out in the middle of the question about Kim Kardashian overshadowing her.

But Eastern Europe loves Paris Hilton! In fact, the Silesia City Center Mall in Poland just gave her her own star in the mall’s walk of fame.

Beat that, Kim.

“Just finished walking the Andre Tan Runway Show. So much fun! Loved my dress! Hot!”

Paris tweeted after twirling her gams her in a flowy yellow number on the Kiev runway.

“Hey#Kiev…on my way to my party at Byblos.”

She sent a while later.

Well at least she’s having fun. As Paris loves to say on Twitter:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

And for Paris, Eastern Europe is as good a place as any.

Image via video grab

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