Hollywood news has learned new details about SHIA LABEOUF’s recent drunken beatdown, and it involves the actor threatening one of the bar fight peacemakers with a knife.



One of the witnesses to Shia’s latest street brawl—the same guy who grabbed him and tried to restrain him after the fight—revealed that the actor had threatened him with a knife.

The man, whose name is Shea Carter, told TMZ that the fight started because Shia had been walking around drunk and accidentally bumping into other patrons at the Cinema Public House bar. One man—the same one who beat Shia to a pulp later outside the bar, warned the actor:

“Hey man, watch out.”

According to Shea, the “Transformers” star replied:

“Oh yea? Or what? What are you going to do about it?”

Afterwards, Shia and the man proceeded outside the bar, where the actor got his ass kicked mercilessly. Shea later grabbed him and tried to calm him down and stop him from going back into the bar, but Shia immediately became aggressive again and said:

“Well what if I grabbed my knife on you?”

After a while, Shia simply walked away, but came back and stood outside the bar and made a throat-slashing gesture at Shea.

We think Shia needs to get his butt into an anger management class or something. He definitely needs to do something about his behavior (and fast) before he ends up like Lindsay Lohan—a talented actor whose bad behavior overpowered her acting prowess.

image via WENN

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